Trailblazers in Our Midst
Thanks to All for an Incredible 20th Anniversary Celebration!
Trailblazers in Our Midst – AAHGS-NE Video
March 18, 2018
Episode 1 of the video series, "Trailblazers in Our Midst," features the AAHGS-NE Chapter.  The video is produced by the Association of Black Citizens of Lexington, MA. www.abclex...
43 years a slave: Natick resident finds famous story in her past
March 7, 2018
This is the story of AAHGS-NE member Beverly M. Hector-Smith's great-great-grandfather, Thomas H. Jones. Click on the link to read the story:
The Other Madisons: An American Griotte’s Quest
November 21, 2017
Clicking on the link below leads to a Washington Post article about Bettye Kearse's family on her mother's side, African-American descendants of President Madison.   https://www....