Speaker Bio – Charles H. Price Jr.

Charles H. Price, Jr., a Lexington resident for 56 years, is a retired electronics engineer, now working summers as a tour guide for the Town of Lexington, MA.
Born in Roxbury, MA and educated in the Boston Public School system (Roxbury Memorial HS), Charlie holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University.
Charlie has worked for Convair Astronautics, Northeastern University Electronics Research Project, Honeywell Corporation, Digital Equipment Corp., and The MITRE Corporation. He also taught electrical engineering courses at the Lowell Institute School of Northeastern University for over 35 years.
Charlie is a veteran of the Korean War, having served from 1950 to 1952, commanding an artillery Fire Direction Center. His unit, the 272nd Field Artillery Battalion, helped man part of the NATO southern defense line along the Iron Curtain in West Germany.
In 1975 Charlie joined the Lexington Minute Men as a Foot Soldier. He has participated with the Minute Men in re-enacting the first battle of the Revolutionary War on Lexington Battle Green for over 40 years. Rising through the ranks, he was elected Captain Commanding of the company in 1984. He served two terms as commander and is now the senior Past Commander of the Lexington Minute Men.
In 1987, Alice Hinkle, a Boston Globe correspondent, interviewed Charlie about his role in the Lexington Minute Men, portraying Prince Estabrook. After fourteen years of research, Hinkle published “Prince Estabrook, Slave and Soldier” (ISBN 0-9679771-0-X) devoting a chapter to Charlie.
From 2001 – 2014, Charlie was employed as a seasonal US Park Ranger at Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord, MA.
Charlie and his wife, Imelda, moved to Lexington in 1964 where they raised 3 daughters. The Price girls attended Lexington Public schools and subsequently all three graduated from college