Commercial Resources

Some commercial sites listed here offer limited access to free information. However, AAGHS-NE does not endorse these sites or have any affiliation with any of the companies that sponsor them. The companion Web site to the Public Broadcasting System’s (PBS) family history and genealogy television series. It offers information about the series as well as some free tools useful to genealogists. While there are limited things you can do on this site for free, it is primarily fee-based. For a fee, you can search the Heritage Quest database which includes federal census forms. However, you can probably search the same database for free by logging on to your public library’s Web site. is part of the Generations Network.
Family Tree Magazine This is the African-American Toolkit section of the Web site for Family Tree Magazine. It contains tools and tips for researching African American history and genealogy. This site also provides a link to free downloadable forms you can use in your research. (Look at the list on the left side of the page.) A fee-based site but it also offers some free features, including a “Genealogy Learning Center,” which has useful information.
Godfrey Memorial Library This library in Middletown, Connecticut offers relatively inexpensive online access to several sites where you can conduct census and other genealogy research. You may join online, by telephone or by post.
Heritage Books This site sells books, CDs, maps and other products of interest to genealogists.
The Software Mackiev Synchronizes to a copy on a personal computer. Now part of . It provides free information as well as fee-based information. Its primary purpose is to help people connect with one another. So, it provides ways for you to put your information online.
Wiki Tree  Where Genealogists Collaborate (free)